Foreningen Grøndlandske Børn

About Foreningen Grønlandske Børn (FGB)

FGB works for securing a safe childhood and improved future in Greenland as well as in Denmark and engages in the entire upbringing – from mothers’ groups, the support of the family’s life to projects for placed kids and to act as assessor for children in Greenland. The organisation employs approx 30 people located in five Danish and four Greenlandic communities. FGB was established in 1924, and Her Majesty Queen Margrethe 2nd is a patron of the organisation.

Buy   a Polar Jewelry cotton bag and support the children in Greenland. All profits on these bags will go to the FGB whom supports children and families located in Greenland. Read more about the case below.

About summer camps

Each year FGB invites every child from one community to attend four weeks of summer camp. The young volunteers secure the experiences, while FGB together with the citizens and the institutions of the city provide for the locations. Typically, FGB ensures the facilities; schools and the sports halls and ensure that the gear for play, sport and creativity get there on time. FGB also takes care that the entire city is invited to taste the visiting volunteers’ local dishes just as the volunteers have the opportunity to witness a piece of the arctic experience. In 2019 the trip will go to Paamiut in Western Greenland and to Ittoqqortoormiit in Eastern Greenland.


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