About Polar Jewelry

We see each collection as a story; each piece is a chapter designed to take you on a journey.



A love for experimentation is in the DNA of Polar Jewelry. The two founders themselves have combined their untraditional creative backgrounds to create a unique hybrid aesthetic for their jewelry.








All of our pieces are made by hand with the finest recycled 925 sterling silver, with recycled 22K gold or rhodium plating. They are then accented with natural freshwater pearls and red bamboo corals.
All our pieces are made with recycled gold and silver to ensure less waste and a better future for our planet. 
We go to great lengths to source high-quality materials and colour palettes to reflect the ambition of the collections. One of our most important initiatives is ethical sourcing, which ensures that our materials are sustainable.

Why bamboo corals?

For thousands of years, red and pink corals has been used for jewelry. It is a beautiful material but it is also a living organism. As it stands, this living organism is harvested indiscriminately across the world and now faces extinction. This would be an ecological disaster because they provide food and shelter to over 25% of the planet's marine life. Corals are the "rainforests of the sea". The current practice of harvesting corals is unregulated, and if this practice continues, the corals will become extinct.

Luckily, bamboo coral is a beautiful alternative to red and pink coral. Its name is derived from its bamboo-like appearance and is a type of coral that grows very quickly in shallow sea. It still offers organic palettes like other corals but is also sustainable. Red bamboo coral are stabilized or dyed to achieve its colour.




Our production is dedicated to sustainability and is a part of The United Nations Global Compact. The initiative promotes labor and human rights, anti-corruption and the protection of the environment. It is also a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council that provides an international standard for responsible practices in the jewelry business.

 Social responsibility

Social consciousness has been at Polar Jewelry’s heart from the beginning. That is why we collaborate with Foreningen Grønlandske Børn. You can read more about them below:


FGB works for a safe childhood and a better future in both Greenland and Denmark. In 1924, Foreningen Grønlandske Børn was founded. The charity supports the personal development of the most vulnerable children in Greenland and Denmark. Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II is a patron of the organisation.

Buy a Polar Jewelry cotton bag and support the children in Greenland. All profits on these totebags go to FGB, whom supports children and families located in Greenland. Read more about the case below.


Each year, FGB invites every child from one of their client communities to attend a four-week summer camp. Attendees get to play sports and enjoy creative activities. FGB also likes to facilitate a cultural exchange between the attendees. In 2019, FGB went to Paamiut and Ittoqqortoormiit in Greenland..


For more information see: www.fgb.dk