The Fairytales Collection

The Fairytales Collection is inspired by the immortal and transcendent fairytales by the great Hans Christian Andersen.
His magical short stories have left an indelible cultural mark on the world. In Denmark, tales like Thumbelina, The Little Mermaid and The Princess on the Pea are woven into the fabric of society. For generations, his stories have taken Danish children on a magical adventures in the country they call home, and has offered valuable lessons about human nature along the way.

H.C. Andersen painted portraits of magical worlds with his pen, and created a beautiful visual language that is rich with timeless symbols, metaphors and similes. From the snooty darning needle to perhaps the world’s most famous pea, Andersen created a whole range of universal archetypes and cultural references. The Fairytale Collection is a tribute to this beautiful gift H.C. Andersen gave to the world.

The Fairy Tales Collection Polar Jewelry